Noordin, a brown man with a black beard, brown eyes, brown skin and black eyebrows, looking downward at an angle. Watercolour.

Noordin Ali Kadir

Who is Noordin Ali? (He/Him)

I'm an intersectional, experienced and passionate actor, storyteller, writer, cultural and sensitivity editor and former community organizer. Available for freelancing and contract work. Email address and other contacts can be found below for more details, rates, and examples of work.See below the list of some of my credits on the left, and further information on skills set on the right.This will be updated periodically, as more information is announced!

My writing tends to focus on scenario creation, world-building and bringing fun twists on old mechanics in Tabletop Roleplaying Games, though this list will continue to expand. I draw from a large array of influences, everything from 'own voice' type work, to genre work like sci-fi and urban fantasy.I'm available to help build lore for your games, make meaningful mechanics, develop within an existing system and adapt from old source material if desired.Please contact by email for writing examples!

As a consultant, I work with you to better showcase your ideas and inspirations while mitigating potential harm.Areas of focus are in South Asian, Muslim and Swahili cultures, along with Disability, Queerness and Religion. Historical areas of study are Briton post Roman Empire, Nile based cultures leading to the modern era, South Asia Pre- and Post-Vedic period, and finally the history of spies from WWII onward.

As an experienced actor and performer, I've forayed my skills into podcasting, in both TTRPG actual play and audio drama format.I'm currently available for auditions, guest spots, and long-form work.

My streamed TTRPG appearances are made up with a wide range of characters, voices and archetypes. Interests lie in showcasing PoC cultures, voices, horror, urban fantasy, family dynamics, and superheroes.And yes, werewolves too. Always werewolves.Currently available for guest spots, one-shots, and campaigns, priority to paid opportunities or volunteering appearances for charity.Popular systems I'm comfortable with include: GUMSHOE, AGE, Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, World of Darkness 20th edition, Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition, Hunter the Reckoning 5th edition, and almost anything Powered by the Apocalypse.

Organizational Work

I have years of experience in community organization, moderation and convention work for large scale events. My high-level organizational planning, panel and Discord moderation, community management and marketing work all fall under this purview. I've done work for BreakoutCon, Asians Represent!, Friends Who Roll Dice, and more both large and small, in addition to representing companies and in-person customer service for organizations like Magpie Games and the Toronto Gaymers at conventions.Contact me to see how I can benefit your organization!